Owens Corning

One Owens Corning Pkwy.
2nd Floor, C-5
Toledo, OH 43659 
Phone: (800) 438-7465
Fax: (419) 325-9379
Join date: 01/01/1966
Member Type: Associate

Key Personnel

Brad Power, Sr. Regional Manager - Foamglas
Allen Dickey, Sr. Product Mgr., Industrial FOAMGLAS
Mike Williams, Sales Dir., Thermafiber Mineral Wool
Mark Feichtenbiner, Area Sales Mgr.
Tim Bovard, Sr. Staff Engineer, Industrial FOAMGLAS
Austin Hess, Commercial Sales Leader - Mineral Wool
Jim Giger, Area Sales Mgr.
Dave Cox, Bus. Dev. Leader
Richard Gebhart, Mgr./Tech. Svcs.
Neil Hettler, Science/Tech. Leader - EIS
Todd Shear, Area Sales Mgr.
Tom McGettigan, Sr. Acct. Mgr.
Glenn Bullard, Sales Rep - Foamglas
Gabe Nath, Sales Rep - Foamglas
Alan Neely, Sales Rep - Foamglas
Rob Henne, Sales Rep - Foamglas
Bill Rose, Dir., Reg. Sales (NASR), Industrial FOAMGLAS
Robert M. English, Dir., Reg. Sales (NANR), Industrial FOAMGLAS
Steven Doehring, Area Sales Mgr.
Todd Carlson, Natl. Accts. Mgr. - MBI
Lori Garcia, Mktg. Leader EIS
Robert Sallis, National Sales Leader - Mechanical
Alex Legall, VP Sales - EIS & Latin America
Angie Ogino, Tech. Leader - OC Thermafiber
Dave Pawlicki, Natl. Accounts Mgr.
Brandon Stambaugh, Dir., Product Management & OEM, Industrial FOAMGLAS
Bryan Bergquist, Reg. Sales Mgr. - West NATI
Cody Lancaster, Area Sales Mgr.
Matt Desart, Area Sales Mgr.
Dan Ducusin, Area Sales Mgr.
Anna Davidson, Sr. Admin. Associate
Drew Clausen, AEC Solutions Mgr. - Midwest Region
Joseph Joslin, AEC Solutions Mgr. - Western Region
Erinn Waggoner, OEM Bus. Mgr.
Harry Walkoff, VP, Industrial FOAMGLAS & OEM
Tim Clancy, Product and Programs Mgr. - Mechanical
Mark Durkin, Natl. Sales Mgr. - Commercial Foam
Matt Ruehlmann, Area Sales Mgr.
Jan Mierzwiak, Area Sales Mgr.
Tammy Stark, Inside Sales
Brad Cramer, Area Sales Mgr.
Stephanie VanderPoel, Product Mgr.
Alessandra Aubry, Product Manager Mineral Wool
Charles Smith, National Sales Leader - HVAC
Todd Fister, President, Insulation
Oscar Morales, Area Sales Mgr.
Melanie Knight, OEM Bus. Mgr.
Bill Stauch, Product Tech. Lead
Carmelo Carrubba, VP Strategic Marketing
Alan Shepherd, National Bus. Dev. Mgr.
Aaron Thaler, Product Engineer
Alec Cusick, Technical Service Engineer
Jacob Aelker, Area Sales Mgr.
Joe White, Area Sales Mgr.
Collin Smith, Product Mgr., Industrial FOAMGLAS Accessories
Adam Windmiller, Program Leader, Industrial Mineral Wool
Greg Bucy, Sales Rep - Foamglas
Keith Behling, Sales Rep - Foamglas
Jubal Trujillo, Sales Rep - Foamglas
Ralph Parrott, Sales Rep - Foamglas
Joedy Freimel, Area Sales Mgr.
Bradley Szafran, Inside Sales Rep.
Shevonne Snowden, Inside Sales
Brian Caulkins, Platform Director - Foamglas
Mackenzie Michalski, Internal Sales Rep.
Elizabeth Joyce, Mktg. Communications
Andrew Brownlee, Inside Sales Rep.
Doug Fast, Director
Jessica Mattimo, Inside Sales Rep.
Cam Porreca, Sales Rep.
Steve Gorman, Reg. Sales Leader - East NATI
Angela Lamanna, Area Sales Mgr. - NE NATI
Stephen Potts, Customer Service Dir. NATI


Acoustical Insulation and Noise Barriers
Duct Insulation
Fire Endurance Protection Systems
Firestopping (through Penetrations)
Insulation Blanket
Insulation Board & Block (Rigid/Semi-Rigid)
Insulation-Loose/Bulk Fiber
Jacketing & Flexible Facings
Metal Building Insulation
Miscellaneous (not otherwise mentioned)
Perpendicular Oriented Fiber Pipe & Tank Insulation
Preformed Pipe Insulation
Protective Coatings
Removable/Reusable Blankets, Pads & Covers
Underground & Direct Burial Piping Insulation