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Ste. 200
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
Phone: (800) 866-5638
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Key Personnel

Kartik Patel, Tech. Mgr. - Insulation
Shawn Dunahue, GM Mktg.
Patrick Mathieu, CEO
Stephen Johnson, Application Mgr.
Sandy Shattles, Bus. Mgr. - Insulation
Jake Erickson, W. Reg. Sales Mgr.
Lon Pilichowski, Sales Mgr. N.W.
Holly Hirsch, Market Dev. Mgr. - M.W.
Adam Whitney, Bus. Dev. Mgr. - Energy Div.
Joanna Beckman, Mktg. Comm. Mgr.
Rafael Briceno, Reg. Sales Mgr. FL/Cen. Am./MX/Car
Alex Chavez, Sales Mgr. S.W.
Tim Ledden, Innovation Mgr.
Matthew Amy, Product Mgr.
Matthew Hawn, Market Dev. Mgr.
Kent Stapleford, E. Reg. Sales Mgr.
Thomas MacKinnon, Demand Generation Mgr.
Ciro Ahumada, VP - Americas
Brian Houghton, Market Dev. Mgr. W.
Jon Mahoney, Market Dev. Mgr., NE
Brandon Larson, Sales Mgr. Central
Charlie Sortino, Sales Mgr. N.E.
Anthony Harris, Sales Mgr. Mid-Atlantic
Justin Hubbard, Sales and Mktg. Mgr. - Rockies
Phil Chuy, Sales Mgr. S.E.
David Matolyak, Sales Mgr. Ohio Valley
Tabitha McCarthy, Sales Mgr. Great Lakes
Kathy Crawford, Sales Mgr. S.
Charles Kistler, GM Insulation
Nicki Landry, Bus. Dev. Rep. - Energy Div.
Nicki Germany, Bus. Dev.


Acoustical Insulation and Noise Barriers
Duct Insulation
Fitting Covers & Fitting Insulation
Insulation Blanket
Jacketing & Flexible Facings
Pipe Insulation Support Systems
Preformed Pipe Insulation