NIA Certified Thermal Insulation Inspectors™

Benefits of Inspection

Don't let corrosion, mold, or other hazards impact your insulation system—always use a Certified Inspector! NIA Certified Inspectors verify that the materials and the insulation system have been installed in accordance with the mechanical insulation specifications. Properly installed and maintained insulation systems help to:

  • Promote employee and public safety;
  • Identify corrosion under insulation and other hazards;
  • Save on energy costs;
  • Protect the environment; and
  • Reduce costs associated with non-compliant mechanical insulation specifications and improper or insufficient maintenance.

Browse the complete list of NIA Certified Thermal Insulation Inspectors™ below to find a trained and certified professional in your area. Inspectors listed under a company name denoted in green are current NIA members.

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NIA's Thermal Insulation Inspector Certification™ program educates and trains insulation inspectors on how to evaluate installation work and determine whether it is compliant with mechanical insulation specifications.

Become a Certified Insulation Inspector

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